Why General Knowledge Matters, and is a fun way of getting to know the world.


On the 11th of October 2018, the fifth graders had their very first English language event in middle school and it was a general knowledge quiz contest.

Interestingly, there was an article on Forbes with the same title as this article written a few years ago. People wonder if general knowledge is important in the world where most answers can theoretically be found via Google, Chacha, Yandex and so on, but without widely known general knowledge, how can one build a civil society? Let alone have an informed civil discussion, based on commonly accepted norms and facts? Moreover, without a common core of general knowledge, how can one find out the historical significance of an event, let alone if the event ever existed? The same could be said for geography or world-historical figures, whether good, bad or ugly.
Our fifth graders actively demonstrated this. Split into five groups, they chose team captains and names. We had ’Team N.1′, ’Team No.3′, ‘Crazy guys’, ‘English’ and ‘Dumplings’. They were tested on a wide range of topics consisting of Science, Geography, Sports, The UK, and mixed questions. Team No.1came out tops displaying uncanny wit by not only answering their questions, but also taking bonus points for extra questions answers. Teamwork and leadership skills were seen at work as the English Language department watch with pride the fruits of their labour springing forth before their very eyes, knowing their 5th graders can hold up any general knowledge challenge thrown their way.

I really liked this quiz. It was super fun for me and my team loved it!
I liked this quiz because I learned a lot of things. For example, now I know the names of four countries in the United Kingdom. Next time, I would like to see the Art and Animals categories, too.
This quiz was super fun! The easiest category was Geography, we answered all the questions! I learned a lot about mountains.
I liked Geography category most, it was so easy! Everybody thinks that Big Ben is the name of the clock, but it’s the name of the bell! Can you believe it?
I really enjoyed the quiz. It was so interesting to work in the groups!
This quiz was amazing! I’ve learned so many new facts!
My favourite category was Sport! I know everything about sport!