Buckswood School: 4-6 May


On the 4 of May we had our classes as usual. People Z and Barcelona were making up stories in chain and it was very funny because all of a sudden a scary story turned into a drama and finally had humorous ending. Mr. Peek was impressed with our imagination. Mr. Lewis taught us how to answer different types of questions.
The next day our group went to the city where the official residence of Elizabeth ll is. Of course all of you know that it is London and her residence is Buckingham Palace. We took a round on London Eye. The view out of the capsule was captivating, we could see the whole London, the Thames. After that Laia guided us to Westminster Abbey and finally we had our shopping time.
Sunday started with walking tour into the Smugglers’ caves. Do you know who smuggles were? We know now. We could see a lot of installations, items which those pirates used to survive and avoid punishment. After that we caught a bus to Brighton. To be honest that was the best time ever. Although Brighton Pier was overcrowded we visited the amusement park. Needless to say how we felt.

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